Service As A Life Style

Mike Warner will stand in the gap to protect your God given rights

Blood Bought My Freedom:

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Mike has been a member and volunteer in this community since 1992 after serving in Desert Storm where he was awarded his highest military award, the Bronze Star.

After Mike’s second full year in Clarksville he was elected to serve as the president of a local service organization, the Clarksville Amateur Transmitting Society.  The year he served was 1994 when Clarksville suffered a bad and lengthy  ice storm.  The power and telephones were out for most of a month in some areas, Mike’s home was without power for 18 days.  While others were huddled up in their homes or motels Mike and many other CATS club members were out providing communications for our community and volunteering in emergency shelters.  In 1999 Clarksville woke up one morning to find out there had been a tornado.  Once again Mike participated in providing communications and doing damage assessments with the Red Cross.  The CATS club received a certificates from the city but no one paid or reimbursed any of these volunteers for their efforts, nor was any reimbursement expected.

Mike has prepared for and served this way all his life.  Currently Mike volunteers at the Community Emergency Response Team or “CERT.”  This is a Montgomery County organization which trains and prepares for wide spread emergencies in order to provide support for our neighborhoods until first responders can arrive.  Mike also provides a free online new service “” without paid ads and no popups.  Please check it out.  To read more click HERE.  Service is in Mike’s blood and if the people of Clarksville see fit Mike will serve Clarksville and the State of Tennessee with the same dedication.


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